Boomers, Discover How to Make Your Next Chapter an Adventure

Embrace and Celebrate the Possibilities that Lie Ahead

You’re at a crucial crossroad. Will you make your next act the most fulfilling it can be? Or will you continue to live the “same old, same old” existence, responding to others’ expectations, to your own inner nay-saying voices?

We are living longer, healthier, more active lives than our parents and grandparents. We have acquired wisdom from decades of experience. How do you want to “live your legacy” right now?

Life Spring Coaching guides you toward new levels of curiosity, fulfillment and inspiration during your post-50 years. Read on to see how it works…

Are you…

Feeling sandwiched between needs of the younger and older generation?

In your “prime” working years, but overloaded with responsibilities?

Getting close to retirement or already there?

Apprehensive about what will fill your days after you leave your work or family responsibilities?

You’re not alone. Many of you are trying to navigate these uncharted waters with mixed emotions, including:

  • Being at a loss at how to prioritize others’ and your own expectations
  • Distress over your “empty nest”
  • Uncertainty about how to care for elderly relatives or adult children while juggling your own priorities
  • Bewilderment about all the activities and “bucket list” items you can choose from
  • Relief about finally having time to yourself after years of working so hard for others
  • Fear about being single and taking care of yourself as you age

I’m a professionally trained and certified life coach who listens carefully to your story, helping you define your values, priorities, and wishes. I’ve worked with people as a coach and psychotherapist for decades, so have acquired keen people skills.

Coaching is a collaborative, collegial approach, where you and I put our minds together to find clarity, to create a vision, and to translate a plan into doable action steps.

Now it’s about YOU: your choices, your future, your happiness.

You don’t have to be stuck, confused or frustrated any longer. I’ll work closely with you and guide you through all your options.

Here are some possible outcomes of our work together:

  • You’ll engage in activities that match your desires
  • You’ll see roadblocks as stepping stones to more positive outcomes
  • You’ll be excited about new adventures
  • You’ll celebrate life’s victories with more regularity
  • You’ll be more confident about what you can achieve and be on track to get there

Imagine how that will feel.

Now start to believe that it’s possible.

It all starts here.

The rest of your life is waiting!




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