“Karma’s presentation and ability to inspire and listen is a gift for all. We often become frazzzled with today’s hectic world. Karma Kitaj reminds us to look for time to accentuate the positive – something the whole world needs to work at.

Judi Gallagher
Prof. chef, food editor,
and TV personality;
Sarasota, Florida


As a life coach who trained with the Institute for Life Coach Training, as well as a licensed psychotherapist, author, and motivational speaker, I’ve had the pleasure of facilitating my clients’ transformation into the persons they only dreamed of wanting to be.

I’ve also kept busy with other projects, including:

  • My cable TV show, “Alivelihood; New Adventures As We Age” which has over 100 shows archived online.
  • Two books in the Women Who Could…And Did series, which showcases high achieving women who are still finding fulfillment working in their chosen field and showing no signs of letting up. See Huckle Hill Press.
  • A chapter on creativity, learning and brain function for the book Live Smart After 50! The Experts Guide to Life Planning in Uncertain Times published by the Life Planning Network.
  • My blog: “Retirement as You Want it” for boomers and boomers+.

In the 1990s I spent five years as a Visiting Research Scholar at the Wellesley College Centers for Women while conducting the research that led to my first book. As a college student, I’ll never forget writing papers, cloistered high up in the library stacks at the University of Michigan. Being at Wellesley College decades later triggered those wonderful memories.

Later I published a book about famous equestriennes — from barrel racers to Olympic jumpers to jockeys. This work took me to remote ranches in Colorado, Texas, Hawaii, California, and Florida to seek out the women who best represent each riding discipline, a thrill for an equestrienne wannabe.

Even though I didn’t start riding horses until I reached 50, and never played sports as a kid (because I didn’t like to sweat), I now work out so I can stay safe on horses and be fit and healthy (click here to read “Karma Fulfills Dream of Learning to Ride a Horse at Age 50.”)

After getting not so rave reviews years ago for a speaking gig, I joined a Toastmasters group, went to National Speakers’ Association trainings, and hired a consultant who video-taped and critiqued my speaking style. That brought me up to speed as a speaker in short order. I especially love leading groups, and entertaining my audiences with personal stories, interactive exercises to promote change, and vignettes about the people in my books.

“When are you going to finish your studies?” That was the question posed to me by my 101-year-old grandmother. I had my Master’s degree in social work at the time, but she must have known that there was more for me to discover. So I returned to graduate school in my forties and got a PhD. I continue to seek out learning adventures for my clients and myself.

One of my TV show guests introduced me to art-making 6 years ago, one of those serendipity moments that has changed my life. I have since studied with many wonderful artists and am finally brave enough to call myself an “artist,” using the ancient technique of encaustic. Now I have a fully stocked studio and exhibit wherever I can. See www.KitajArt.com.

After a horseback riding vacation in Argentina, my husband and I tried the challenging and romantic dance of tango in Buenos Aires. We got hooked. We now take intense tango classes and have converted our living room to a dance floor for practice. I thoroughly believe in stretching my mind-body brain, by continuously challenging myself to new adventures.

Today I work with Baby Boomers who want to challenge themselves to find their passions and achieve a more fulfilling life in their next act. You can be one of those by clicking here to register for a complimentary hour-long video conference, phone call, or in person session in the Boston area.

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