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  • Are you looking for an easy gift to give to all of your (computer-comfortable) friends and relatives who need inspiration and sustenance?
  • Do you or your loved ones lie awake at night, worrying about the future?
  • Do you know people who cling to a job that is not right for them for fear of being unemployed?
  • Might they be experiencing physical signs of stress, like headaches, intestinal problems, tight muscles, or panicky sensations?
  • Are they easily agitated about little things, like not finding a parking space, or their children’s antics?

If you’ve answered Yes! to these questions, then read on. In these tumultuous times, when we are uncertain about our financial future as individuals and as a nation, it’s even more critical to find ways to soothe, comfort, and energize ourselves, and to know ourselves well so we can consciously plan for our futures.

I’m offering an ebooklet including all of the inspirational and therapeutic messages sent out to my private mailing list during 2008. Here are a couple sample pages:

Sample Pages

When you purchase my booklet, you can download it immediately and send it out electronically to as many of your friends and family members as you like.

All for only $9.95!

The only thing I ask of you is that you fill out the bottom of the download form and list all the email addresses and names of your gift recipients, as well as your own address and name. Then I can add them to my mailing list, so they will be assured of getting future messages, free of charge.

Now that you’ve decided that this ebooklet is just what you need for your loved ones for the holidays, all you have to do is click the button.

This will take you to a PayPal ordering page. You can select to use PayPal itself or any credit card. Once you’ve completed your purchase, you will be able to download the entire ebooklet and Voila! You can then send it out to all the people on your gift list with no additional charges.

Enjoy! And allow yourself to tune in on your own needs during this challenging time.



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