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 event was a success! 

So many women are still buzzing
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 Lynn McDonald,
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Sarasota, Florida

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Here Is What I Can Help You Realize as You Enter Your Next Chapter

If you are …

  • A baby boomer who is finding life humdrum and wonders “Is this all there is?”
  • Missing the busy clatter of just launched children, or
  • Stretched because of caregiving of elder relatives or returning of not-yet-launched adult children, or
  • Encountering retirement with the jitters, or
  • Single in a coupled community

… then making every day count is a top priority for you right now. You don’t have to burden your friends and relatives with your woes. I can help you to map out and put into action the strategies you need to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Here’s how it works:

First, you will gain clarity about who you are at your essence and your ideal vision for the future.

Our work stimulates discovery, insight, commitment, and taking action.

You will build confidence about what’s possible in your life by spotlighting your strengths and accomplishments.

I’ll encourage you to explore alternatives, experiment with new possibilities and design a more desirable path.

I will hold you to the commitments you make to yourself so that the parts that say “I can’t do this” will soften and relax.

You will be amazed at how quickly things will progress when we work as a team!

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A Special Benefit of Working With Me — Discover Your Personal Brand

Unlike corporate brands, a PERSONAL BRAND is your authentic voice, your essence.

When you clarify your personal brand, you more easily find your place in the world.

Because you are projecting exactly who you are, your values, your attitudes, your desires, you attract those people and experiences that truly fit you.

  • You’re no longer spending time with toxic people.
  • You’re doing things that are growth-enhancing, rather than stagnating.
  • You know how to say “no,” kindly.
  • You know how to say “yes,” with assurance.

I think of this as “exquisite self-caretaking,” which is essential to wellness.

I am trained and certified to administer the 360Reach Personal Branding assessment. 360Reach is the Gold standard for personal branding. As a 360Reach-trained practitioner, I will make available to you the Premium version of the tool, so that you get a detailed printout of all of your respondents’ comments + ways to interpret the information.

The process of using the assessment tool helps you make choices about which of your strengths you want to enhance and which you’d like to tone down or alter. It is key to becoming more of the person you want to be, both personally and professionally.


Want Inspiration for Your Next Act?

View My TV show videos from “Alivelihood:New Adventures As We Age.”

Short edited versions are available on my YouTube channel.

Here are a couple videos you can view to entice you to see more.

Sandra Shuman, German professor turned artist/creativity coach.

Marcos Rosenbaum, physicist who became a social worker/psychotherapist.

You can find out more about the books I’ve written by clicking here.

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