“Retired early from a demanding job in a Beverly Hills hotel doing catering sales, I was having difficulty adjusting to not having the pressures of deadlines. Karma worked with me to live in the now, to appreciate the small things, to fulfill myself without depending on others to do that for me. She directed my attention to what drains my energy and what I can do to energize myself. She helped me let go of some of my “shoulds.” With her encouragement and support, I’ve been able to see new possibilities in my life.

Linda Kent,
Santa Monica, CA

After Retirement, What?


Do you wonder how you’re going to design your retirement to be as interesting, challenging, and energizing as the life you’ve left behind?

Do you fear you’ll lose your identity when you lose your full-time career? Learn how to create the life you want in your 3rd Age.

It’s My Time Now


For extreme caregivers who never say no, have difficulty setting limits on others’ expectations of them, and feel they should do everything for everyone, there comes a time when they re-evaluate their life choices and think “It’s My Time Now.”

Stuck in a Job Rut?


Do you feel demeaned, discouraged, or underutilized in your work? Do you want to discover how to create the work that energizes and fulfills you?

Engage Karma as your career coach to help you find your true vocation.

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